We Learn What We Need to Teach and Insects in Dreams

12 Oct

I am finding that whatever I am meant to teach at the time, I will be learning. Sometimes these lessons come gently and easily and other times, a little stronger.

Tonight I am teaching a teleclass on Better Boundaries for Sensitives. This is THE topic that as Empaths we need to tackle. As an empath, I have the ability to merge with an animal or person and retrieve a ton of information. There is deep connection there. It can feel pretty glorious, and give me great compassion and understanding for another. I can also do this with a spirit in the room or even a friend sitting across from me. This is all good. Having this skill makes life deep and rich.

It’s the unmerging that takes a long time to learn and isn’t a  skill we are taught in this world. We need to go back to our own center with separate boundaries.  I’ve been actively busy learning these skills as time goes on.

I visited a friend’s house and farm yesterday. To the outside eye, the place looked peaceful and quiet with animals strolling about. But to me, his place was buzzing with lots of spirits and energies. I was wide open and immediately heard messages. His animals were busy gabbing away at me also. I wasn’t overwhelmed, just very busy during the visit. When I got home though, I had LOTS of visitors and dreamt about all kinds of insects invading my space.

Insects in dreams can be a psychic metaphor for psychic invaders, leftover “other people’s stuff” and empathic cast-offs. Oops. Not a bad thing to connect, but I forgot to close down and clear out. In my dream state I could do that. Kinda like taking my container and emptying it out.

Other indications that you’re invaded by others’ stuff are dreams of intruders in rooms in your house or doors being wide open.

It’s not dangerous being a sensitive or an empath. It’s a gift, but we do need excellent self-care and maintenance which includes some new tools and skills.


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