Paranormal TV Series Review for the Sensitive

26 Aug

I love Netflix. Each week I receive my happy, little envelopes in the mail for my viewing pleasure according to my Queue. I’m lazy and it’s too hot to stand at the Redbox booth, so this works well for me. Since I joined, I’ve been able to try out different series I normally wouldn’t have watched. Some, were way too violent or dark for my sensitive nature. Others were just right. Here’s my list.

TV Series I recommend:

HAVEN: I love this quirky yet sometimes creepy series about those with different “troubles” written by Stephen King. Ordinarily, everything written by Stephen King usually has puke or evil creepy dead twins. I will never forget IT or the SHINING. But this show has great characters, a strong female lead you admire, intelligence in the plot lines with a huge dose of the supernatural, and lots of psychic abilities, too many that do go awry. I like that most of the time you are spared seeing horrible dead bodies; it’s more suggested. Bravo! We don’t need to be visually assaulted, especially us clairvoyants who never forget. I’m pretty hooked on this one and look forward to season two.

MERLIN: This is a great tv series shot in England with those great accents about Merlin’s beginnings as a teen boy. It’s wholesome with endearing relationships, and the teens don’t act skanky and make you cringe, which is always a good thing. I relate to Merlin’s quest to accept and not hide his abilities (I couldn’t talk about mine with my in-laws. My father-in-law is the one that told me Mediums are hated by God). None of the characters on this show are all good or all bad, but are very real. And maybe there’s that cool past life in King Arthur times I vaguely remember. 🙂 It’s brilliant.

THE REAPER: This was an older series of a young adult who is being told on his coming of age birthday that he now has to retrieve wayward souls from hell for the devil. It’s cleverly written, has great dry humor and interesting characters. I like the whole good vs. evil in ourselves fight that we can all relate to in some small way. The title character grapples with his destiny. Violence is minimal and most of the dark elements are funny, so less threatening.

Of course, I LOVE Ghost Whisperer. There’s so much healing on that show.  I wish they hadn’t cancelled it. DEAD LIKE ME is another very quirky, dark humored and well-written show also. Folks do die on that one each episode, but you expect it and it’s explained simply as their time to go.

My Recommendations to stay away from if you are sensitive:

SUPERNATURAL: I liked this series when it started of two brothers fighting evil. In the beginning there was a strong emphasis on the relationship between the brothers as they encountered their fight and how they grew together or apart.  But the last later episode I caught I found myself flinching through much of the violence. They have upped the violence and the special effects. It’s too cruel and mean in that department. I don’t want to watch people abusing and torturing each other. Been there, done that.

BEING HUMAN: Although I love the story of the ghost, vampire and werewolf who try to fit into society, and the british version’s acting and characters are superb, it’s very, very dark. Topics include physical domestic abuse and murder. As an empath, this one left me feeling inflicted upon and took hours to shake from one dark episode.

HARPER’S ISLAND: This series’ description should have warned me: sexy young socialites get together on a remote island they grew up on only to get slaughtered one by one. Yuck! I can no longer tolerate these kinds of movies. Each episode someone is cruelly murdered usually in disgusting, awful ways. Years ago, when I was more numbed over, I’d find this mildly entertaining. But I felt for each victim and found myself screaming at the screen, “Dude, you just took a life! How is that entertaining?” A huge empathic no.

Happy viewing, Sensitives.

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  1. Carol August 27, 2011 at 12:17 am #

    Thanks for the recommendations. As a sensitive I’ve long been aware of what I can and can’t watch! Have to walk out of the room when ads for certain types of movies (soon to be released) come on television. Worst one by far was the “Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, that one completely unglued me. I’ve read a few of the less gory and intense Stephen King ones (Thinner and the Dead Zone, the Green Mile) but the vast majority of both his movies and books are absolutely out of the question.
    I’ve heard good things about Haven and Merlin. Not sure if they are on any channel I have here (there is Netflix here but that’s not in the budget just now) but I’ll check into that.
    Interesting comment you made regarding a previous life King Arthur’s time… while I don’t have any memories in that area, I definitely am drawn to Biblical times particularly when Jesus was alive and have a strange little story that I’d like to share with you. Any thoughts you might have on this appreciated, too. When I was a little girl, I was given this little doll, a moulded rubber one (a male too which was unusual). I named this doll “Nicodemus”. Had no help from parents in selection of this name. As I got older I thought often about how/why I would have named this doll Nicodemus. I was preschool when I received it so such a name would have not been something a child would have come up with. It was not until I was an adult that I discovered through research that Nicodemus was a close friend of Jesus and was responsible for getting Jesus body after He died, preparing it for the tomb then placing it there. That was quite a revelation. And Good Friday is my favourite holiday…even more so than Christmas. Isn’t this wild?? Other countries I’m extremely drawn to are India, Italy and England, There are such strong connections to each.


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