One of the most important things I am learning

8 Jun

We really are in Earth School here. We’re constantly learning lessons or understanding and seeing our own patterns reflected back to us in our lives and environment. Sometimes, this is an amazing process and quite fascinating. Other times, it’s just painful or irritating.

I’ve seen a recurring pattern in my own life where those in authority are incompetent and ignorant and stand in the way of loved ones getting the help or assistance they need. My guidance on this was that this mirrored what happened to me when I was ill as a child, so I replay it often.

But this experience helps me as teacher and as a intuitive helper. Who knows? Maybe in another life I was one who was ignorant, making blanket judgements on only what I saw. And that’s the most important thing I am learning. In today’s outdated systems, there’s lots of “that’s how things are done,” “this is the model of how THIS looks like, so everyone fits into one box,” and “this is how it looks, so this is how it is.” But we are all being asked to go deeper; below the surface.

I’ve seen the flip side of this also lately. An acquaintance seemed very sweet and friendly on the surface, but I felt “icky” with. That uncomfortable feeling didn’t go away. This friend became more and more boundary-impaired revealing what maybe what I didn’t want to see. In this situation, I wanted to believe the surface.

I’ve talked often of the veterinarians that would see an illness and stick it into their box or more likely, medical directory, and give a dire diagnosis with no hope. They had no desire for education or other alternatives or even other diagnoses!

In all these situations, they choose not to see and didn’t want to see (myself included). Maybe that would make more work for them. Or, they would have to explore outside their boxes too much, and that’s kinda scary for a great deal of people. Or, in my case, I just wanted to think better of people.

Obviously, this is a thing for me. It’s like an annoying fly buzzing around my face. Sometimes, flies are indications of why we are here. My big mission is to educate others and be a teacher. I like to achieve that in fun, entertaining ways, but it’s still what I have a drive to do. I love to learn. I love to think outside that box, especially when the box isn’t working. Perhaps, that’s what I teach.

We can’t fall for appearances and stay on the surface. There’s always a different story for all situations. That helps me as a teacher or as an intuitive helping people because each dog that bites isn’t just out of fear. Each dog has a different story, and therefore, needs a different solution.

We need to be good detectives.

One of my most favorite tv shows is BONES. There’s a format to the show. They recover bones from a crime scene, identify the bones and cause of death, and then pick up a suspect. The beginning of the show there are ALWAYS false assumptions of what happened. People are placed into little boxes. By the end of the show, there’s the moment when you are usually blown away to learn it was the sweet little housewife who shoveled the guy on the head, or the bad guy wasn’t so bad after all. I love that!

When I used to do readings in the beginning, way back when, I would assume what the situation was, but by the time the reading was over and the dog spoke or the Guides spoke, and like watching an episode of BONES, I was always blown away by the answers and reeducated.

So, what am I saying? Educate yourself!! Get all of the pieces of the puzzle, not just one little jagged edge. Look below the surface and not accept the superficial and let’s start thinking out of those boxes to make some real, decent change.

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