I’m higher than a kite in my Garden

31 May

I spent most of Memorial Day in my backyard planting. Emma Lou was very helpful assisting, yet, at one point she sat on the huge bag of garden soil because it was so comfortable. Sarah made a few brief appearances in and out of the pet door, perhaps to oversee our work. Speedy was let out of his tank to wander.

I found the most amazing plants that are actually called “Gnome Mix.” They have the most delicious energy, so I brought in a few of the mix into the house and planted the rest in the yard.

After lots of planting of veggies around my trees and a bunch of Marigolds near the Roses (they asked to be), I sat with Emma on the swing to reflect.

I am not the best gardener in the world. I used to think I had a black thumb and most plants would die on me. Now I listen and they all seem to be doing much better. It’s ironic that I teach about Fairy energy and my love of Nature when my gardening skills are sub-par, but I was told, that is what makes the message I deliver more powerful. Anyone can be reconnected to Nature. Not just those with prize-winning gardens!

After some time, I find myself giggling and almost whoozy with the energy of the yard. Perhaps it was my slight allergy to Marigolds, but I was noticing I was feeling mighty good. I didn’t give a hoot about my problems in my life or anything else for that matter. Everything seemed to make me giggle. I had a “fairy high.”

I am convinced that what others have called in the past as “fairy glamour” that lures folks in and casts the spell over them is simply that delicious high we get being in Nature.

The high lasted for hours with no side effects and no munchies. I was feeling groovy just by being so in love with the yard and being in Nature. Maybe you can relate. Perhaps it’s just the Designing Fairy in me. I was home again.

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