Lightworkers, are we becoming too sensitive?

16 May

I am noticing with my friends, clients and myself, that we are becoming more sensitive and more psychic in our abilities. Are we evolving?

Have you noticed that you can pick up more now what others are feeling or even thinking? I haven’t been able to watch tv shows lately that are dark at all. I rented a copy of Supernatural. It’s a tv series I used to watch and enjoy. I physically hurt through most of it; there was that much violence and cruelty. This wasn’t entertainment. Maybe I am not the too sensitive one. Maybe it’s the world who is getting so numb they can stand this level of darkness assaulting our eyes. I can’t do that anymore.

After having that happen, feeling so sensitive, I first thought, “Do I need to live in a box then, away from the world?” Many of my clients come to me wondering the same things.

And the answer I heard this morning was No. You don’t need to isolate. I think we’ve always been this sensitive, some of us. We came in wired this way. But then we accumulated a great deal of mud and fog to numb over our sensitivity. What we’ve been doing is clearing out the mud and being who we really are under all that crap. So, then, the darkness doesn’t feel right when you’ve just gotten rid of a ton of our own darkness. You no longer resonate. Why would you want a part of what you just got rid of?

Our light is coming back. We aren’t turning into light. We were light to start with! And then we got involved in earth school and layers of mud kept getting added until we didn’t recognize we were light at all. We thought we were dirt. And probably listening to voices growing up telling us we were flawed in some way for being sensitive, we really did believe we were dirt.

So, no. You aren’t too sensitive. You never were. We’ve had to adjust to being here. But now you have no choice as you work on your healing to be anyone but who you really are. One big shining light. Perhaps we are all just lightning bugs.

I think that is kinda cool.

2 Responses to “Lightworkers, are we becoming too sensitive?”

  1. Miss J May 17, 2011 at 7:15 am #

    Wow Beautifully said, I was drawn to your site, and it happened for a reason because I have felt the same way. Thank-You for clearing it up, makes me feel better.


  2. Sophie May 15, 2012 at 3:41 am #

    Thank you for this valuable comment!


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