It’s Fairy Day!

1 May

It’s Fairy Day!

I woke up Nasty Fairy this morning. I was a bit cranky. Sarah woke up a whole hour early for breakfast and was pacing the hallways. I threw my pillows. I was NOT in Fairy Joyful mood. How was I going to promote Fairy Day???

I could sit under my bed until the mood passes, but I can’t fit.

I could sit on the swing outside and smell the roses. But I still feel cranky.

But today I am reminded that we are cranky when we don’t let out inner children out to play, which is what they need. It’s those children that love and believe in Fairy Magic. And mine has been seriously neglected. So, I brought out the markers and the pencils and drew. And my mood lifted to fairy level again. She was happy again. Like Sarah demanding food, she wanted to be heard. What do you need to do to feed that part of yourself? Have you been too adult? Lost in Serious World? Because let’s face it, the world is serious, and sometimes very dark, but we don’t always have to be. We need that break. That light.

So, in honor of Fairy Day, support Designing Fairy and yourself with:

a mini print from my STORE for comfort reminders

Sign up for a mini reading this week. Fairy readings all this week covering joy and health issues. (And, of course, there’s also animal communication and Guide/Spirit readings).

go draw your clothes. Perhaps, this is my own strange, neurotic behavior, but it’s fun to draw and make little outfits.

Great time to order THE Joy essence, Zinnia. Zinnia comes in different colors for different healings. Let me know what area you need healing your joy, and I will let you know which color Zinnia you need to order. (There’s GREEN, PURPLE/PINK, and RED.)

Sign up right now for the Fairy Joy class do get your joy going.There’s inspiration sent to your ebox several times a week. Lots of cute drawings, and really fun exercises and lessons.

Go watch a plant for sparkling lights. Keep your heart open and be aware when it shuts off. You might just need better boundaries. That’s fairy medicine.

Okay, off to the garden. Enough trying this week. This is what I have to offer…

Fairy blessings, Ronni

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