January New stuff updates

14 Jan

2011’s Fairy School is under way. Most of the classes start end of the month, so sign up now. I love the Talking to Angels, Guides and Dead People class. It’s jammed pack with great tips and how-tos. I am busy putting it together right now. If you are into fairies, the Fairy Secrets Fairy Healing class, is the one to sign up for. The Animal Mediumship class is the one to sign up for to talk to Animals that have crossed over.  (I thoroughly recommend the Fairy Joy class right now for the dark winter.) And empaths, The Care of the Sensitive is the class to sign up for to receive great tips and help from Nature to balance yourself.

What’s new:

Working diligently on the new ebook found in the Bookstore, Tips for the Sensitive. It’s the best of my blog and many more great tips and advice to keep your sensitivity balanced and use it as the gift it is. You can pre-order it at the special price now. It will be ready the end of the month.


Go check out the new Mentorship/Certificate programs at my ONLINE CLASS page. I don’t have to be told twice…I’m being guided to offer these, as I was told, there are students who would like to be trained to be animal communicators, readers, and essence practitioners. I am more than willing and excited to offer these. Go check them out.

Busy, busy. The Fairy Healing Alphabet deck now has its own flower affirmation cards. So much fun making this one.

Are you a local? Looks like I will be teaching at the Verde campus at Yavapai Community College this Spring. Details coming. I hope to also put together some Fairy Healing class workshops at the Old Town Center for the Arts.

As always, I offer readings for Animals (animal communication readings) and People (Angel/guide/medium and empath readings). I LOVE referrals and repeat customers, so keep them coming!

My old website, ronniannhall.com is about to expire. Still not sure if I will keep it around or not, or what I will do with it. Any suggestions?

Fairy blessings for now,


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