A message to fellow healers and teachers

16 Dec

  1. There is no one way to do anything. There are many ways to climb a mountain. You don’t have THE way.
  2. Get rid of the “shoulds” or “if you are more evolved, you would do it this way”. This really gets me going. Spirituality is not just another area for us to have too many rules and a way to berate ourselves. See #1 and do it your way however that looks and feels. And if it doesn’t work or feel right, try something different. It ain’t rocket science. We are here to learn.
  3. I love the idea behind “the secret” but I’ve seen too many folks abuse themselves for not “doing it right”. There are many factors involved in everything. There are also other people involved in our lives and of course, spiritual or divine timing we often curse. This is just another area we “should” on ourselves.
  4. Please respect other teachers and healers and how they do things. It may be different than you and that’s fine. We need different techniques and approaches.
  5. Don’t take your gifts too seriously. My friends keep me humble. They are all “special” and highly intuitive. With them, I am just another fellow human, as it should be. I am gifted by God with my abilities like someone else is gifted by being able to play the piano well, or another to draw, or even another to be brilliant at figuring out the computer world. With that in mind, we are all psychic. And it’s just that some of us are wired with a little stronger connection than others, or have worked at it.
  6. It’s spiritual to want to win the lottery. Again, don’t take it so seriously. Always use your gifts for good, yes. But, if it is part of my plan to win the lottery by receiving winning numbers to help many others or my own family, then it’s not un-spiritual.
  7. Take care of you. I’ve had to get my butt kicked many times over when I forget to do this. We can’t help anyone when we don’t help ourselves. It’s okay to include you in your healing.
  8. And finally, please don’t make up a new technique that ends in “method.” It’s just plain silly and it screams “marketing technique.”

If you catch me doing any of these, please give me a nice pat on the hand as a reminder.

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