When Your Animal is Sick and you can’t hear

28 Nov

My teagle beagle Sarah, is basically an old dog with still a lot of moxy and a bit of cranky thrown in. We had a cold spell and being blind, she also had a few blind mishaps falling off things. Her back seemed clearly out of whack and she’s still trying to right herself after having a repeat bout with Vesticular Disease (old dog inner ear thing). Anyway, she was very restless and hurting. I checked in with my Guides, and I kept hearing it was minor and she’d be fine, that she just had some old dog chronic stuff like arthritis, etc. Not trusting my guidance and still in fear, I took her to the vet who didn’t really hear me and scared the *%$#@ out of me. (This seems to be a recurring theme with vets and me. Perhaps so I can teach this lesson.)

Anyway, today after a few nights of big time drugs for her, (would be nice if I shared them), I have learned several things that may help you with your own animal communication when your animal is sick.

  1. Don’t try to talk to your animal when you are freaked out. My freaking out actually freaked out Sarah more. Then we were both two big emotional wrecks. This doesn’t mean “should” yourself by saying you should be calm as can be for the sake of your animal. Please! Repression doesn’t work! We don’t need to recreate our childhoods for the sake of our animals. Just know you will have a hard time hearing at that time. Do what you need to do in an emergency, but wait until you are calm to check in with animal communication. Maybe even take a break and walk into the other room to not upset each other.
  2. Don’t talk to a vet who doesn’t know crap about animal communication, or is too burn-out to even see your dog as an individual. This is counter-productive. (I am sorry to say there are many who fall into this category.)
  3. Find a new vet if she jumps way ahead in the future and talks about if the illness progresses and your options to end life, or if she quickly tries to sell the current new dog food fad. Seriously, this happened.
  4. Explore all your natural options like flower essences, homeopathy, herbs, hands-on work. Some vets are limited in their knowledge. There are many ways to heal.
  5. Trust, trust, your intuition. You know your animal best and when you are more calm and centered you will hear and know what is happening and can then receive incredible insights. You will know what is best to do for her.
  6. Be wary of strong drugs on a sensitive dog. Poor Sarah has been acting like she is hopped up on Speed when I gave her the steroids prescribed. One drug does not fit all.
  7. Educate yourself and don’t fall into fear. Not every illness is the same. Not every cause of each illness is the same either. Many times we fall into fear, like I did, because illnesses of animals we have loved and lost come back to haunt us. That’s when logical mind needs to come in and acknowledge there are still some losses that need to be grieved and healed, and to remind yourself you are only human. You won’t always do the perfect right thing. You make mistakes. It happens. But you are doing your best for your loved one.
  8. When talking to your animal, remember that she may not know what is happening with her body, but she can communicate clues of what she feels.
  9. Always carry a bottle of Rescue Remedy for your animal and yourself in times of fear or illness crisis.
  10. Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion, like from another animal communicator. I often do this if I am too upset or scared to hear and trust what I get and I’ve been doing this work for eleven years. My intuitive best buds have been invaluable support for this kind of advice.

Remember, stay calm, get educated, and then check in.

2 Responses to “When Your Animal is Sick and you can’t hear”

  1. Shawn December 1, 2010 at 7:36 pm #

    This is so very helpful and true Ronni! I have epxerienced the very same with my sweet golden Beau and his surgery. And finding the right vet is such a challenge as well. Thank you for all that you do and your amazing wisdom and support!


    • designingfairy December 2, 2010 at 10:07 pm #

      Hi Shawn. Thank you. Did Beau have the surgery already? I hope he is doing well and you are resting together.


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