Is there a Satan?

25 Sep

I’ve been watching a fun tv series called Reaper. The premise of the show is a young man’s parents sell his soul to the devil. On his 21st birthday the devil shows up with an assignment: his new job is to retrieve bad souls on earth and send them back to hell.

It’s been a cleverly written show with some witty moments, and the theme of good vs. evil covers every episode. The message? In every moment we can decide if we go the higher or the lower road.

I didn’t realize that watching that show would be a percursor to something in my own life. Lately I’m seriously questioning what happens when the Bad is allowed to get away with it and still go on to hurt other people? Where’s God in that situation? Is there a Devil or a Satan as my estranged father-in-law believes? Or is there just sick and unhealthy people who don’t know any better? They are just so disconnected from the light.

My friend Caroline believes that today the good are growing lighter/stronger, and the bad are growing darker and darker. The two sides of the coin need to be there for balance.

Is that why the bad is allowed to continue to be so destructive?  Or does it karmically even out in the end like the other movie I watched, The Lovely Bones? What do you believe?

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