Un-empowered sayings

19 Sep

I’ve been creating this line of cards with empowering sayings lately. I then came across a blog with very un-empowering words and I thought, how much of us have been pelted with these kinds of comments in our lives? You know what I am talking about…words that bring you to the knees into shame.

So, here’s my Sayings for Greeting cards We Never Want to Read. Ever.

  • Your best is not good enough.  (ouch!)
  • You just didn’t try hard enough! (ouch!)
  • Don’t cry. Just soldier on.  (ouch!)
  • I never really loved you. (really below the belt!)
  • Why can’t you be more like your brother? (or sister?) (hello?)
  • This is probably the most you will ever be. (that was low!)*

Okay, now that you feel like total poo, don’t EVER believe any of that.

Here’s something to raise your spirits where they belong.

It’s a beagle riding a bird. Can’t be cuter than that. Smiling, eh?

(* Have any more beauties to share you’ve been pelted with? Unleash their power here in the comments).

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