Empathic warnings

21 Aug

What if our bodies warn us ahead of time when an event or situation won’t be good for us? And what if we’ve been ignoring this inner barometer all along?

Recently, I had to drive to such a situation late in the night. I was pretty tired to begin with after a long day and after being on a “mom” schedule for five years I wasn’t used to staying up late! (I know, I know, pretty sad). I’ve driven quite a bit at night and don’t have the vision I wish I had, but it is still doable.

Driving over to the destination the first thing that happened was a deep feeling of dread followed by a stomach ache. (Sensitive folks, take note! Our stomachs are like built-in radars). I couldn’t throw off the feeling or the anxiety I was feeling. So preoccupied with my feelings, I missed my exit on the highway, something I’ve never done before! Halfway to Phoenix I went into a panic. I almost experienced a full-fledge panic attack but remembered to deep breathe. I was dissociating, a little out of my body.

Somehow I managed to get back to my exit and to head over to where I was heading. Now, keep in mind there’s a fear/excited feeling vs. a dread/fear feeling. The second one is your warning that where you are heading won’t be a good fit. Turns out later, it was not. If I had only listened to my internal radar.

Oh, and to add, you should never feel in a situation, like the third man out, discounted, and a ignored, ever. We often rationalize that we need to stay in these situations to learn something, or endure to be a good person, etc. But I am realizing that this is untrue. These feelings are pointing you to the exit door.

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  1. Sherry Andrea August 21, 2010 at 9:11 pm #

    I am an empath and a clairsentient. I use my clairsentience via feelings of energy in different parts of my body to communicate. For example, if my guides have me feel my lower right leg that means I am heading in the right direction. The bottom of the all the toes on my right foot having so much energy it is almost painful is a strong confirmation to whatever we are discussing. Also there is a difference in the way the energy can feel…like it could feel nice and pleasant, painful, or my least favorite a sudden pin prick type feeling. The sky is the limit with clairsentience…some times I will feel as though my ear is being held if I have ask for this symbol to be used to mean something which I often do when someone is flying into town and I want to know when their plane has landed. With clairsentience it is also a barometer that is usually always on and working when in a conversation with someone. Clairsentient should taking staying clear and chakras balanced very seriously since how clear you are affect getting the signals clearly and strong enough.

    I enjoy reading about your experience…it is always nice to read about another clairsentients experiences.



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