Science vs. Psychic

14 Aug

I have this analytical part of me. I love to take apart a puzzle and put it back together again in my mind. Usually I can see what the missing piece is in a situation, and have an idea how to fix it. I need to see it or experience it to believe. This is the science part of me. I think also, it may be a Capricorn trait. We love the structures and rebuilding things.

The other part of me is the sensitive/psychic part. I’m a walking barometer of what is happening around me. I pick up a ton of information, not all of which is helpful to me. This part is very emotional and feeling-oriented.  It involves believing the impossible sometimes.  I just know what I know. It seriously pisses off the other part.

I am realizing that many of my experiences in life have had the purpose of finding balance for my two sides. When Foxy the wonderdog was very ill (her story is in this blog), I was furious at the veterinarians for not hearing any of the psychic information I was getting of what Foxy needed. They didn’t hear me when I got info that might have been illogical, but true. She sure looked like she was dying at that time, but everything I “heard” was that she would be just fine.

I’ve had many, many clients that had their animals misdiagnosed by veterinarians because things appeared one way, but were another,or they even refused to see the obvious or to look closer, and psychically I picked up information that saved those animals’ lives. There’s that balance again.

And yet, I’ve met healers who thought their beliefs and spiritual healing would save and heal their illnesses when they ignored medical science that was truly needed at the time. It’s like trying to treat schizophrenia or bipolar disease with only a past life regression. Or diabetes with Reiki healing alone. Without insulin, that body support, how can you survive?

When I wrote the Fairy School, I went into the experience as more of a scientist exploring hands-on how I felt making and working with flower essences and Nature. I read all I could, researched and learned the science, and then I blended my psychic impressions and learnings. I was bit in the butt several times when I went too much in one direction, not researching proper information on the how-to’s of making essences, more noticably, making essences from poisonous plants.

I am convinced that most veterinary schools need to offer classes in animal communication. Most psychic training needs to includes a psychology foundation. There needs to be that balance to be fully prepared and effectual. Without one or the other, it’s just missing pieces in the full puzzle.

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  1. Monique Williams August 15, 2010 at 7:45 am #

    Hi Ronni

    This is just so true and I have come up against it in my own psychic work. Particularly my first teacher – who tried to be “God-like” and convince people on medication for deep mental illness and the like to come off it because they were just possessed and she could fix that!!

    I find it frustrating sometimes that many in the “new-age” sector are anti-medical or anti-pharmaceutical when we really aren’t able to heal ourselves emotionally or spiritually. Though I might like to think we can one day, live without disease etc – it’s going to take one very big spiritual turn for humanity to get there. We do need medication sometimes, because it fixes us when positive thinking alone just can’t Though positive thinking will always lead us to the right practitioner!

    Thanks for the very balanced post 🙂


    • designingfairy August 16, 2010 at 5:43 pm #

      Monique, thanks for the validation. Much appreciated. There are too many “teachers” out there like that. It’s a bit scary.
      And I like the line you wrote that “positive thinking will always lead us to the right practitioner.”


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