I’m certified! In mediumship, that is

13 Jul

Took a fabulous workshop this weekend with Charles Virtue and Tina Daly, and I am now certified as a medium.

My big draw in taking the class was to help myself and my students. So many of us who are sensitive also have the ability to detect and communicate with spirits in the room. Having a way to “shut it off” and create boundaries is a necessary skill. So many of us have this ability, it is amazing that we aren’t taught as children how to use it alongside tying your shoes and learning the alphabet.

Although for years I communicated with animals that have passed in my practice, I hadn’t realized that I was constantly talking to my dead people relatives. This became apparent the day of the workshop. There were so many people in my bathroom talking to me and bothering me, apparently excited about the class and being heard.  When there are many spirits around like that, I often feel totally wired, which feels like nervous, crazy energy. In the workshop we learned a way to create some serious boundaries and that night was one of the first I felt quiet in my head and alone with just my thoughts and feelings.

I will keep you posted if I do go in the direction of readings at this time. In the meantime, I am offering Animal Mediumship online class that starts in August now with some new added tools. Details here.

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