Mental Illness vs. psychic ability

18 Jun

Do you know the difference?

I felt this piece of info was important to share when it comes to psychic ability.

After parenting an adopted child for five years who had tons of both, I slowly learned what was the difference, and that mental illness did not look how I thought it would. I always thought illness would be very obvious–a bit like what we see on television–the bag lady or the man in the white strait jacket. What we thought was charming quirkiness in “Jennifer” early on, was clear-cut signs of mental illness that everyone poo-poo’ed away (many for their own agendas). Once adolescence kicked in, we had full-blown “lots of things”. And honey, that was not ADHD.

There is hearing voices of Guides/Angels or spirits in the room, and then there is hearing voices of your other personalities, split off parts, or out-and-out schizophrenia. A good indicator these are not Guides? The voices aren’t helpful. These voices may even try to get a rise out of you to get you upset (this could even be earthbound spirits. They like to do that).  Guides/Angels are always loving and when you hear their guidance you feel a sense of rightness and an inner knowing. They are much like a good psychic reading. You don’t have a reading and hear “you are going to die!”  The psychic will tell you that you need to be more careful when you drive. Guides/Angels will never say nasty things about other people or tell you to hurt them in any way. Their drive is to help you have understanding and compassion for others. (The exception is a departed relative visiting who might give advice. Usually, you can identify the voice and how they always acted when they were alive.)

“Jennifer” would talk to voices in her room often and claim they were Guides, but I saw and felt nothing, except, I would have the beginning of a migraine when I entered. (Keep in mind though, earthbounds are attracted to high energy emotional states. I think she did have a few entities attached on top of everything else. Henceforth, my headaches).

Folks with personality disorders are really hard to peg as mentally ill. That’s the tough part. Borderlines (called RAD when they are young) will take your life onto a rollercoaster with one moment idolizing you when you do what they want, and the next despising you for not complying. They are also masters of triangulation pitting one person against another just for the drama of it, because chaos feels safe. On the surface, they are as charming as can be, and always who they think you want them to be. But without treatment or help, their lives are a continuous, bad amusement park ride and you don’t need to join them, or risk developing your own mental illnesses.

When I first came to the Sedona area, one of the first things I did was readings at a healing fair. My first customer was a schizophrenic who wanted to know about the implants attached to his head controlled by the government. I did give him the benefit of the doubt after watching years of X-files, but his wife later confirmed he had mental illness. There was also a girl who claimed she was a reincarnated Jesus (lots of those). What scares me is many folks like this need medication or psychological help and not a psychic reading. Sedona is notorious for attracting all kinds of people who want healing. I got an instant education what to look out for.

If you do hear voices that are not helpful, find your moods seriously erratic, go get some help.* Get educated. Our bodies and minds are so complicated. Sometimes it’s just a hormone imbalance! We all have the ability to go a little off kilter in the most stressful times. (I’ve got a bit of OCD inherited from my grandmother. Thanks Nanny!)

And if you have more of a psychic intruder bothering you? Being a sensitive/psychic you could open some doors you don’t need to open to outside unhelpful energies attracted to your bright light. Learn clearing exercises and find someone who specializes in escorting them out.  I always call in Archangel Michael for the small jobs.

*Thanks to Anna who commented so I can clarify. Hearing negative voices telling you to hurt people or yourself  (not a good thing), WITH other signs, such as, very disordered, illogical  or paranoid thinking, delusions, dissociation, cutting, emotional instability, etc. can definitely be a sign of mental illness. Many of us who are mediums, can pick up entities that are negative and can affect us. See earthbound spirits above.

3 Responses to “Mental Illness vs. psychic ability”

  1. Monique Williams June 20, 2010 at 1:11 am #

    Hi Ronni. Thanks for your message, this really strikes home with me. I have been opening up my psychic channels for a number of years now. I do channeled readings these days rather than straight psychic readings. I am very in-tune with the types of entities that you talk about here – I see/here them very clearly and often communicate with them/help them cross over. However, I have struggled to define mental illness and these darker entities separately, so thank you! This has given me much to think about. I also have to deal with the effects of my mother’s mental illness and see the attachments she has from this. And worse the types of attachments I have picked up over the years by simply being in her presence!! It is very enlightening as I come to clear our deeper and deeper parts of myself! Thanks for being so clear and upfront. Monique


  2. Anna June 2, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    Hummm, not buying it. In order to believe what you say one must believe that only negative voices come to those with mental illness. Which is not true at all. Not only that but psychics pick up on both positve and negitive. Are they mentally ill when the experience is negative? The truth is the so-called mentally ill are often very psychic and empathic. Often they were not taught what these voices really are because those in their enviroment shunned thepossibility and called it mental illness instead. Just because they have been pegged as ill doesn’t mean they are. And just because someone claims to be a psychic doesn’t mean they are not ill themshelves.


    • designingfairy June 2, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

      Anna, that is incorrect that I am saying that. I wrote about someone who IS mentally ill and picking up very negative voices that were more part of her psyche or even a hole in her aura attracting negative entities and what that looked like. And yes, she was labeled mentally ill and unfortunately is. Many folks have been called mentally ill who were psychic. I have heard many horror stories. I totally agree with that! And yes, there are many that are psychic that are ill themselves. I have seen that in nearby Sedona. 🙂 So, good points overall. And thanks for sharing.


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