5 Steps to Reawaken Your Inner Fairy

26 Apr

Steps to Reawaken Your Authentic Inner Fairy Self:

STEP ONE: Reintroduce the Fairies into your life and learn how to heal with your own backyard.
FB101 Fairy Beginner & Flower Essence Class
F101 Fairies 101 Introduction Class
COM101 Animal & Fairy Communication

STEP TWO: Connect even deeper with your animals.
(Fairies have a deep connection to animals.)
COM102 Animal Communication
HA101 Animal Healing with Nature & Fairies
AM101 Animal Mediumship: After Death Communication

STEP THREE: Take care of your developing sensitive self.
(You may be an empath already and need tools, or by doing this work you find you are becoming more sensitive.)
CS101 Care of the Sensitive
RT101 Healing with Rocks & Trees

STEP FOUR: Bring back joy into your life and rediscover you, your authentic inner fairy.
FJ200 Fairy Joy class

STEP FIVE: (COMING): Go deeper: become a fairy detective.

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