Empaths carry too much

9 Mar

Everyone I know is going through major stuff.

It’s like we all decided that now is the time to really deal with the big issues of our lives, and get rid of major karma–major hindrances–so we can finally be free. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always look or feel pretty. I joke lately how what I’ve gone through in the the past six months equaled the combined experiences of the dentist’s root canal, a pap smear and having to give a speech in grade school class totally unprepared. As hard as it has been, on the positive side, I am also clearing out major beliefs that I held onto for years.

What I’ve discovered…

Have you ever stopped and realized how much of our stuff isn’t our stuff at all? As sensitive folk, this is much the case. We carry so much for others without realizing it. In my work on healing, I’ve seen so much I’ve picked up and internalized from my loved ones, and even beliefs or issues that were my parents from long ago. Perhaps as sensitive little empaths, we sponged all that wasn’t said or acknowledged, and in our desire to help, we took it on.

How much of us believe the following:

  • Parents should sacrifice themselves completely for their children.
  • We are only as worthy as the amount we give to others.
  • Carrying for others is caring.
  • What we do and accomplish = our worth.
  • Who you are is either bad or good as judged by your behaviors.

It’s amazing how much these beliefs can block us. I found that out.

And now, it’s like I am having a huge identity crisis. Who am I without the old life and these beliefs that shaped my world? I guess I will soon find out.

(character: the scientist)

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