Are you an Emma Lou or a Cranky Patron?

2 Nov

Bill and I went to the new library the other day and I am writing this from a cozy seat there now. You should see the new building. It’s a bit out of place in our AZ town–modern architecture, futuristic design, bright orange chairs and state of the art computers. It looks like a spaceship. I keep wondering when we are going to take off.

While hanging out in the non-fiction area, I overhead the beginning of a conversation.  A woman with her daughter was complaining about the new library. It’s too big…she can’t find anything…why didn’t they carry this book or that? The complaints didn’t stop. The vent was blowing on her head (but she refused to move). They only have one vegan cookbook and it’s not even the most up to date.  

I glanced over at Bill who frowned. “Why then, doesn’t she leave?” He whispered to me.

After twenty minutes of this barrage of nasty complaints, I was feeling cranky myself! This woman, I thought, must be absolutely miserable. How can anything good get through that?

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve had a few bad days where my nasties probably came out like that–in a barrage of criticisms. This was a scary mirror I didn’t want to have.

When we got home, there was Emma Lou Bangles, our 3 year old basset girl. (A mirror I’d like to have.) Emma Lou, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of the cranky library patron. Emma Lou is excited about everything. A leaf? Cool! The sun is out? Yeah! A kiss? Oh good. A moving bug on the carpet? Even better!  She is a high energy, vibrational being made of pure God. All she sees is light.

Perhaps the cranky patron was once like Emma Lou, and somewhere along the way, that light inside of her got horribly blocked. She couldn’t see the leaf, or the sun, or even delight over the crawling bug! They all become nuisances.

So, today, which are you? Don’t become a cranky patron. Hang out with the Emma Lou’s and have them rub off on you.

Hey, is that glitter? Cool….

4 Responses to “Are you an Emma Lou or a Cranky Patron?”

  1. Candi November 4, 2009 at 7:24 am #

    Well, for most of the time Emma Lou.
    I don’t get cranky very often, but I must say lately I have been fussy cause I don’t feel very well after my surgery.
    But I am deturmind I am doing better and plan to push on until I can walk like someone that isn’t in their 100’s. Boy, looking like an old lady is coming soon enough.
    I hope everyone can have lots of Emma Lou days cause happy is so much better than cranky!


    • designingfairy November 4, 2009 at 4:24 pm #

      Candi, you are always an Emma Lou! It’s understandable after surgery to feel cranky and creepy. Hope you heal fast!


  2. mary November 6, 2009 at 4:23 pm #

    Hi Ronni,
    I loved this post! As I read about Emma Lou’s happiness over the leaves, sun, kisses, and bugs I could feel the joy filling my heart. 🙂

    What would we do without our furry little vessels of light, and joy, and love.
    Thank you for the uplifting post. It was beautiful!


  3. Ari November 14, 2009 at 2:43 am #

    I think it’s hard in modern society to be an Emma Lou. We stay in man made buildings surrounded by smoke, gray roads, tar. These things remind me of decay and death. I don’t know why, but they do. They make me feel depressed. When I’m forced into these environments, I become a cranky patron – cynical, out of control, angry, depressed. But if I was allowed time to consider and appreciate my environment instead of being on the move all the time, I would find the beauty in it, appreciate it, love it. As you can tell, my environment affects me tremendously. I prefer trees. And bugs, rain, rainbows, and grass. And squirrels, they’re nice too.


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