555 and the Soltice Energies

26 Jun


The clock has been flashing “555.” I know this to mean big changes are happening, so every time my soul and Guides call my attention to the clock, I know to ask for all the changes made to be for the best and be gentle!

In my animal tarot deck, the New Beginnings card — frog — keeps showing itself. Frog is also about clearing/cleansing so new beginnings can take place. (I can attest to that! I’ve emotionally upset and rashing out!)

I have talked with so many students, clients and friends who are all going through the ringer lately, in the past few weeks. I do believe there was a door opened recently for souls to enter and to leave. Anytime there is an influx of big energy coming in, there needs to be energy coming out. We almost lost our 95 year old grandfather around this time and each other, the same time as Farrah, Michael Jackson and Ed McMahon all made their departures. I’ve been hearing the crickets chirp! Crickets: the sign of death and rebirth.

Thanks to my friends who sent me energy reports confirming that June was going to be a time of huge energy shifts and transformations. It feels like we are in excellerated speed. Not just in a cosmic/spiritual perspective, but also on a more practical level–perhaps with all the big changes in the world in economy, the president, downfalls, we are forced to face our own negative stuff and see what needs to be changed–the things we always battled, didn’t like, complained about, that hurt, didn’t work–and finally have to surrender to fixing or changing them. And that  is not a bad thing! It has to change! But for sure, if we battled these things for a long time, it will feel like painful birth pains to get rid of them to birth a new way of living (the birth analogy one good friend has expressed to me and another friend also expressed a few days later!) It’s as if we finally have no choice. Pretty exciting stuff as long as we lean on our support & each other, be brave and strong, trust, and face forward. Happy birthing.

2 Responses to “555 and the Soltice Energies”

  1. ariwat June 29, 2009 at 9:48 pm #

    I agree with you about the energies. I can’t say 555 has any significance to me as I see number patterns all the time. But yes, I’ve been seeing changes and talk of change by those around me and even in my own life. Hell, today my fiance and I just decided to look for a house to rent as we’ve been living in an apartment for too long.


  2. ronnifairy June 30, 2009 at 4:38 pm #

    Hello Ariwat. Thanks for commenting! Lots of changes…


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