Empathic Overload

22 Apr

Recently I taught animal communication at a Rescue farm. Even with grounding and shielding, I still found myself overloaded from the energies of so many animals and people surrounded me halfway through the class, which surprised me. Part of the problem is I becoming more empathic. Ack, I say. Wasn’t I empathic enough? But, for you Sensitives out there, you can probably relate, that the more we are on the development path, the more sensitive we may become. Therefore, more tools are needed.

Because I am such a research girl, I scoured the web today to see what tools other teachers use for times when we are bombarded by too many energies. Here’s what I found:

Yoga Journal has a helpful article on empathic boundaries: http://www.yogajournal.com/health/2094

The Playful Psychic has a lovely online book and mentions when you are feeling scared or on the defensive you may become uncentered and ungrounded. That is most likely what happened. http://www.psipog.net/activepsy/book2.html

Lisa Campion has a great article on grounding and shielding for empaths. She says that empaths, when overloaded, leave their bodies. I can attest to that! We also have very big auras. I think, because of this big aura, I am able to merge with an animal and retrieve such deep information. It’s only a problem when so many animals are trying to talk to me at once or people intrude with their energies. http://www.nexushealing.com/empath.html

Of course, I can read and reread my own online class of tools, and work on a better filter for blocking out more controlling or intrusive energies.

Thank you ladies, for sharing your wisdom on the web.

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  1. JoanneR April 23, 2009 at 4:09 am #

    Came across your page because of a keyword search and thought you might want to know that a great new historic fantasy about Empaths, Spirits, Dreamwalking, etc, is coming out in the fall of this year. I know the author and I’ve read some of it and it is truly amazing. She has a blog and you might want to check it out. It’s http://lodestarre.blogspot.com/

    It speaks to the very subject of your comments on your page. I hope you get something out of it.



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