The Universe is streamlining me

19 Feb

The past few weeks, the Universe or God (whatever your preference or beliefs), has been streamlining and cleaning up my life. It doesn’t feel good or look good, but I am sure when it is done, it will be what is the very best. Our relationship with our daughter is going through huge upheaval from her early past coming up (frustrating because we don’t have any control over her past),  and affecting the present, but we are finding through lots of needed family therapy, the family needed the re-tuning to be a more harmonic group based on the present.

We will soon be moving to a newer and nicer place that we hope will be a better version for us. After selling our house, our first rental wasn’t the best. We lucked out with this temporary gig because we could have all our dogs, etc., and the rent was cheap, but we’ve been living with one bathroom and I got clearly the lesson was to ask for and expect more.

Today, a representative from Fairy School in the UK informed me that Fairy School, those words, were copyrighted. That fairy school is a francise of kid’s parties. Sounds good actually. If I was in the Uk, I’d probably want to attend. My school consists of psychic and very woo-woo classes, probably which, the little girls might run from screaming. So, I had to retool and rename everything Fairy Online School, which, once I get past the huge irritation and all the hours redoing the website, I realized was much more of an accurate name. I do offer, afterall, online classes, and it is an ON LINE school.

I am thinking of cutting my hair, maybe streamlining that. I think I will take the initiative so the Universe doesn’t have me catching my hair in a door or something. Sorry, cancel that. But you get the drift.

Maybe I am just being forced to be more honest with my life; more authentic and truthful of what I want and need. In those areas where I am holding on to what doesn’t belong, it seems I am getting some help eliminating, whether I like it or not.

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