Depression and the Sensitive

9 Jan

Sensitive folk are prone to depression. Many times the emotion that registers as “depression” is a conglomerate of all the negative cast-offs from everyone else! As empaths and sensitives, we can reach out too much, be too compassionate and open, and next thing you know, you are carrying around other folks’ stuff. (This can even happen from watching the news or soap operas!) You will know you are doing this when the mood hits you like a brick. One minute you are feeling fine and the next you wonder why we don’t all jump off the roof. It will be that sudden. And the depression will feel like a cloud or a veil covering you that you can’t shake off. Once you notice this, you can get under from the cloud of others’ doom. Try:

  • clearing it out! In my classes, I recommend doing some sort of exercise, taking a bath, or using certain flower essences to clear out gently.
  • go sit in Nature and ground it all out
  • smudge with a smudge stick the hell out of yourself; if it isn’t yours, you will notice a change right away.

To learn more tools for the Sensitive, take my online Care of the Sensitive class starting up again this month. Go here to sign up.

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