Headaches and Psychics

10 Dec

Yesterday I had the worst headache. I was able to get rid of it by taking a nap and a dose of Tylenol, but I had a doozy of a time figuring it out what caused it until I had some time to do some healing on my head. Here’s reasons why if you are psychic or sensitive, you may have a headache:

  • 1. You’re tired. This was the simplest reason for me. I needed to rest.
  • 2. Hormones shifting. That’s for you ladies out there. And even vibrations are shifting (a whole other topic).
  • 3. My head will ache in my psychic spot if there’s negativity around me in some form.
  • 4. Sometimes your head aches when there’s a spirit around of a lower or different vibration. I’ve been to “haunted” places and boy, it felt like my head would come off in some.
  • 5. Stuck emotions–your own. I was upset yesterday and tried to hold it all in. Boy, can you get a doozy of a headache holding back the stream.
  • 6. Stuck emotions–others. If you are empathic, you can take on others’ stuck emotions–the ones they aren’t expressing–and carry it. Ouch. Important to differentiate if it is yours or not. Ask that whatever isn’t yours leaves, and if you feel better, you have evidence.
  • 7. For you hypochondriacs–brain tumor. Just don’t go there.  If it’s really bad headache, we’re talking huge, then go there.
  • 8. Too much energy in the head–this happens to me often. Best way to take care of this? Ground it out somehow. Go do yoga, hold your feet, walk, take a flower essence, and get out of your head. Doing more head work, or worrying more, makes it worse.
  • 9. And last but not least, what did you eat? I had sugar on low blood sugar. Whoops. Ouch. But it tasted really good.

So there you have it. The good thing about being a blogger and a teacher, is that even having a headache is good source material.

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