Crazy Energies and 11:11

12 Nov

Designing Fairy reporting in for the energy report. Yesterday during the 11:11 door opening my head hurt bad. The sinus pressure was strong. It was hard to keep my third eye closed and at one point, my heart opened wide and I just felt tears. What we experienced wasn’t so much a shift in energy but an opening. I kept hearing “a door opened”.

Even as I write this, the computer is going a bit wiggy and I’m having a tough time with WordPress.

Last year, around this time, Lilibeth our beagle crossed over through that door.  This time of year is one of several powerful exit and entrance points.

Most everyone I know is experiencing craziness in the world and some kind of dilemma. In our family, we haven’t been able to keep our cars from breaking down. It’s time for new energies, and I guess that means breaking down of what doesn’t work and needs fixing. I am seeing this with my own reactions to others and what areas I need to work on that do not work anymore.

As sensitive people, we will feel the changes in the economic and political fronts the greatest. We will feel others’ upsets, turmoil, anxiety, and on the positive side, as in the recent election, the great face of hope.

I am being advised by my Guides and Helpers to find something grounding within to hold onto. Flower essences, such as, Salvia or Calendula are great for emotional calm when things are crazy. Pampass Grass potion is great for staying centered in our wiser self. Focus on what is working, what does bring comfort, and most importantly, where you want your life to lead. Just holding and petting my dogs has helped me. As has connecting to old friends. Drawing again, an old favorite pasttime, reminds me who I am never changes even though the world around me might.

Hang in there.

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  1. Debby Taylor November 17, 2008 at 6:17 pm #

    Ronni – yes, there are challenging things going on in my life, too. Thanks for the grounding suggestions. I believe holding/connecting with a pet is really, really valuable that way. I experience a surge of joy with mine even though they rarely have any interest in me (cats, as you imagined).

    Debby Taylor


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