Psychic World vs. Real World Part Two

19 May

Thanks for my lovely on-line and off-line friends and students who wrote to my other entry. I asked for more clarity why that situation happened and the Universe was quick. The other night I gave a profound animal communication class. I don’t take credit for it, of course. I was so tired that day, so I asked my Guides to step in and guide me. I love when this happens, because the class always works out so well.

We have our skeptical couple, who I thought for sure wouldn’t return to the second class after hearing some of the “woo-woo” words I used, like “energy” and “vibration.” (I did warn them). But, when they showed up for the next class, I knew they were there for a reason.

I asked the class to break into partners to practice being the communicator and the client to tackle the emotional problems of our animals, and the couple refused to break up. Their reasoning was they knew the issues their animals were having and could best discuss it. I wasn’t sure they were “getting” that we’d tackle these issues psychically and intuitively, rather than with our logical minds. So, I was guided to have one of the other students be the communicator and help out, and they could be the clients. What happened next was exciting.

As the “communicator” picked up more and more of their animal’s energies, the answers flowed, and the couple’s eyes widened. I simply coached her along the process. She was shocked she could do that well receiving communications. The couple was intrigued. Soon, the wife was receiving answers herself and big “a-ha’s.” SHE was being psychic. Her husband amazed, looked at the “communicator” and said, “You’re good.” They had some real answers and insights that didn’t come from the logical brain and I am sure their animals were going to be very happy.

I was amazed. They were willing to open up their world a little wider in their beliefs and look how much they benefited.

The students and I discussed what happened to me in the vet office and we concluded that the vet’s reaction to putting my cards there was about FEAR. I gave the example of, if the aliens landed tomorrow in a big spaceship on the lawn of the town’s city hall, many folks would completely flip out. Their beliefs about the world of what is possible would have to expand and change, and many people don’t want that to happen. It’s too scary. Today we are experiencing so much change that it’s easy to grab onto the old for dear life for safety. That makes sense, but doesn’t work.

I am sure on some level somewhere when I am experiencing fear about my own life, I guarantee I am doing the same, but then I remember what happened to the lovely couple in my class, when they dared to open that window of possibility just a little. What great gifts arrived!

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