Psychic shorthand

4 May

When we talk to our Spirit helpers, we we often receive repeat images or symbols. For the longest time I would see a hopscotch board. After many misinterpretations, I finally did the smart thing and asked, “What the heck does that symbol mean?” I heard it meant “childhood games.” And that’s childhood stuff we learned that may not be very helpful, like, give to everyone yet it is selfish to give to yourself. It’s the childhood poop that gets in the way of us moving forward and being happy. So, now, if I ask for guidance and I’m having a problem, and I receive the image of a hopscotch board, I know that means I am dealing with old stuff.

Another funny symbol and image I receive (my Guides have a great sense of humor), are mushrooms. Mushrooms represent altered states. Cute, huh?

Sending a quick image to us is a great way for our Guides and Angels to get a message to us in a quick, easy way without having to say a lot. Cool.

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