Don’t watch Angel before sleep If you are sensitive

18 Jan

For the past few weeks my family and I have been watching Angel season 4 on DVD. I normally like this show of good vs. evil, but this season is out and out dark. Apparently I in the middle of clearing out big stuff, and the energies have been weird in the world right now-crazy, static-y–so perhaps not the best time to watch. I woke up this morning, again, from a nightmare that closely resembled living through the Holocaust. I appear to be dumping past life stuff or collective stuff! After waking, I realized a big portion of what we were watching on Angel was a big metaphor for the Holocaust. Big oh! But do I need to release and relive this stuff? Has my sensitivity increased that much that I can’t eat processed hotdogs AND watch Angel?  Or, is it stuff that needed to clear out? A big clearing….

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