Don’t play small!

31 Dec

I’ve been getting the same message from my Guides, Don’t Act Small. Many of us are receiving this message–to embrace our bigger selves. We are all huge spirits and souls! There are so many ways to act smaller than we are. This message really rang clear recently.

Yesterday was our New Year’s celebration for the Prescott Healing Arts Association. Two lovely members were to lead the group with a guided journey and a labyrinth to walk. I was guided to introduce two essences to the group and talked with our president about this and we agreed that I would start the meeting by passing around the two essences. She felt that since I was guided to present the essences, someone who would come to the celebration needed them. Long story short, after we added another presenter, the presenters had a meeting and decided I was demoted to the greeting desk instead because there wouldn’t be enough time for my presentation. The experience of being left out and slighted greatly upset me. As I pondered what happened I heard “don’t play small!” The message was in my face! Perhaps I had underappreciated my gifts and what I had to offer the group.

I am finding that lately I’ve needed my lessons in my face to “get” them! After much deliberation and talk with the president, we went back to our original plan, and I presented the essences to the group in the circle. Later, I had many folks who came up to me thanking me for the particular essence they took. (I brought Zinnia for fairy joy, and Mexican Poppy for restoring your power center). Indeed, I was meant to bring those essences that day and my message or purpose was just as important as everyone else who was there.

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  1. Candi January 4, 2008 at 3:11 am #

    That is very wonderful! You go girl!


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