After death

19 Nov

heaven’s gate vision drawing After being able to talk with Lilibeth when she crossed, I realized how hard it must be for others who didn’t have this ability. For a long time I specialized in this form of communication for clients. The other day I was talking with my husband and said, if I could teach people two things that would be one, how award our animals are, and two, that they don’t die. Yes, they have a soul and a spirit. This is a no-brainer to most of us. More than ever in the past few years I have seen more than ever how this is true. So, for animal after-death readings, you can click here and it will take you to my website. Email me with questions if you need. I will be happy to help. I’d be lost without this ability.  (Oh, and a little heads-up, we make a fairy flower essence called Gazania, that helps with telepathy and hearing our animals).

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