My Beagle is turning into a butterfly

10 Nov

We’ve been taking care of Lilibeth, our beagle, who is in the process of transitioning. A few days ago she stopped eating and her front legs started to give out. She insisted on doing this the natural way, and now she is sleeping a great deal. She’s been my little beagle for at least 15 1/2 years, maybe more. She’s one stubborn cookie, always insisting on her own way, even now. The other day I saw several blinks above her head and tuned in to an angel with yellow hair. The angel communicated that I could let go, she would take care of Lils. I do believe that angel is our Foxy, our other dog, who has shown me her real self several times. As Lils sleeps, I’ve seen many little lights around her, and have been reassured many times. My main concern is if I am doing all I can for her during this process. She’s been very vocal to me lately, which has helped. She seems to be mostly in the dreamtime now, cuddling her big bear Montana. Foxy checks on her every now and then. Honestly, I want her to be able to walk and run again easily, and see clearly. I just wish she could do all that now, here. Even being able to see and experience the other realms so easily, I still prefer to have her on this journey with me in the physical, but I know that isn’t best for her any more. I think there is an exit portal around this time frame. Lucy left her body the same time last year, and Jakey, her beloved brother, a few years before.

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