26 Oct

Have you been going through some major changes? I’ve noticed this is my body. Lots of clearing out and healing big stuff and then lots of readjustments to my body. I’ve been very affected by all the new feminine energy coming in, as have many of my fellow healers. It’s all change, and if we can remind ourselves to not fight it all along the way, we shall be fine! And there’s been the big changes in the earth screaming out too. I am finding my usual path is to “make things happen.” We are all cocreators, aren’t we? And we need to do some kind of guided action, right? But I think some of us are better than others in allowing or receiving, and others, like myself, are better at doing and action. This has been the hardest adjustment for me to make–shift to trusting, allowing. It feels too strongly like giving up. This brings up too many fears. But gratefully, for the first time yesterday, I noticed–finally–a path appearing. Perhaps, most of what I was attempting wasn’t fully aligned, I thought. Is that possible? All these plans I had were not on path??? My friends are sighing, finally she gets it. A few doors have opened and I like this new direction. I want more! What’s helped me through these changes?

readings for myself! Ha ha. Talking with my own Guides and helping others do the same. I find the more psychic work I do, the more balanced I feel! It’s like I am using this energy coming through to help, rather than let it build up inside of me.

Flower essences support. Some essences that have helped greatly are: Desert Willow (to go with the flow!), Oak (for helping to shift and change while feeling supported), Scarlet Poppy (for hearing higher guidance among the noise), White Rose (to feel lifted up away from the noise), and Periwinkle (for sorting through all the information and changes happening) all available at our store.

Talking to like-minded pals; I then feel less “crazy” when I know others are on the same path.

Use any new abilities you are developing. They are there for a reason. They are part of your new path and role. I am finding my knowledge and abilities in medical intuition have fully blossomed!

Don’t try to do things the way others do them or “how it’s done”. I can attest to this–it won’t work! We are grasshoppers using grasshopper energy! We make huge leaps forward in our own way. Keep that in mind.

Hang in there. We are being guided–like blind puppies in the dark! (Sorry, Lils).

(Need a reading for yourself or animals, or some essences, stop by my site. I’d be glad to help).

2 Responses to “Changes”

  1. Liara Covert October 28, 2007 at 7:55 am #

    I agree whole-heartedly that each of us must stumble and find our way down what may initially seem like a confusing or peculiar path. Yet, sources of light always find a way to shine through and illuminate our vision and understanding.

    As it happens, I was recently amazed at my sense of connection to a former Earthly aquaintance whom I had known during childhood. She came through to give me a few messages via a reading I hadn’t asked for. I was in a place where a medium unexpectedly approached me. I briefly anticipated a possible visit from a close relation who had recently passed, but that didn’t happen. This experience reminded me how assumptions can cloud our ability to see. It also reminded me of all the signs we can pick up all around us.


  2. ronnifairy October 29, 2007 at 3:13 pm #

    Liara, how very cool indeed! Aren’t you amazed how much help there is available to us that we don’t even realize?


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