Back in the swing of things & shells

18 Oct

I am noticing that EVERYONE is dealing with their big patterns and issues right now. It’s a time to finally deal and clear, I suppose! It hasn’t been comfortable and it is easy to get caught up in everyone’s stuff more than usual (as I mentioned before). I am learning the fine art of detachment, which as an empath, is not always easy, but necessary.

Yesterday my smart basset girl, Emma, knocked over the Animal Cards deck and “picked out” Armadillo. Imagine my surprise when I saw that Armadillo was about boundaries. Armadillo, the cards say, teaches of creating a hard outer shell to have what you don’t want to experience bounce right off of you, and the soft inner shell was just for you! We can be open and vulnerable and all those good things yet still have that protection most of us did not have. I think we needed to be born with these outer shells!

On another note, I am enjoying very much getting back into the flow of doing readings. I am finding I am attracting all the sensitives and empaths like myself, even the animals! I just read for a sweet cat that turned out to be very empathic. Like attracts like. What I’ve learned tool-wise to help me, I am better able to turn around and help someone else. I like that.

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