5 Oct

For validation on my “rest” entry, I walked by a conversation in the library and picked up only a few words loud and clear. The woman said, “When you rest, you have a better outlook.” At first I thought she was talking to me. I had to laugh out loud. This was a message I needed to hear. I needed to go be still for awhile to hear guidance. I’ve been too lost in the noise in my head. To reinforce the message, the Universe sent me another one. I opened our side door to find a praying mantis the size of Detroit. I looked up my animal cards and the mantis represents being still! I think when you hit a point where you are spinning your wheels, worrying, upset, angry, it probably means you do need to stop for a moment and take a time-out. I find a few flower essences really help me to stop pushing myself and relax–Desert Willow tree, brings in the feminine energy, Anthurium essence, balances out that excess push/male energy (oh, wow, wouldn’t it be great to give the world that right now???), and Arizona Poppy, to stop my obsessive worrying!

On another note, had a great animal communication reading yesterday. Giving this reading reinforced to me how much our animals are aware of their physical illnesses and even what would help themselves.

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