Your Turtle Shell (book 2)

Your Turtle Shell — Book 2 in the Help! I’m Sensitive Series

Better Boundaries for the Sensitive – Keep Yourself Safe!

What a sensitive, empathic person desperately needs is strong boundaries and walls to keep out what you don’t need. Book two in the Help! I’m Sensitive series includes popular essays and tips to help you conquer living in today’s world even when you’re wired sensitively focusing on these strong boundaries. Includes the very popular Thoughts of a Sensitive — words and feelings you can relate to, with tools to cope.


INCLUDES the popular meme:


From a fellow sensitive that has learned.


Comments on the Help! I’m Sensitive Series:

“Seeing the positive side of sensitivity and changing people.” 

“You have addressed serious issues with grace and fun.” 

“Helping others feel less alone with their gifts.” 

“When the student is ready the teacher comes. Well this is so true with your book. I consider myself so blessed with my work and there was always this one place where I was most vulnerable, my sensing. I knew that before some of my sessions and after even days after, I would get physically ill, stomach aches, headaches and chest tightness are the most common. Sentience has always been my frenemy. I really truly appreciate the divine timing of finding your book, I have recommended it to so many others. It makes this real it real, validates it for me and that it’s not just a side effect of being a really rockin’ psychic.

A few things have helped me specifically right now: compassionate detachment- working on this with my children, the turtle shell LOVE THIS- the bubble is not enough when in group situations, the story about going to the vet and how “that stuff” referring to our work as if it were anti- God, and the story about the counselor, I have been in both these places! Take a stand and walk away.

I just cannot express how life changing this is- I needed it, I had no idea how to find it, and pop there is was.

My guides have also been giving me lots of info about my physical body, again another area I tend to stay away from and it is now demanding my attention, so much so that my empath stuff has started to process inside my physically body, which means for me HELLO big red flag!- learn how to process this energy before it causes problems. Its a management style I need to learn and I am ready. Thanks again!

– Bridgette Doerr,

“I just finished reading my kindle version of your book! Wow–so many useful tools! And I now feel like I understand myself better and value my sensitivity. I’m going to order a hard copy of your book so I can quickly find a tool when needed. Thank you for your explorations and sharing with us all with your book. I look forward to the next volume!” — Ruth Elsesser, Arizona

“I love that Ronni’s encouragement to keep going is so strong, it’s like having a higher-self in your pocket saying life can beautiful if you make an effort to listen to your empathic self with love.”– Tarz Jefferis, a.k.a., “Indigo Cherub”, Australia

“Ronni has a way of explaining how energy works from a very wise and clear place that is easy to understand and take-in. Just by the way she defines a “Sensitive” is so helpful and totally shifts any negative ideas one may have with being “Sensitive”.” — Melissa Fernandez, USA

“This is a really handy resource book for all those sensitive, empathic people out there who feel bombarded and overwhelmed by the world around them. It provides a very focused and well-explored pathway for self-protection, and some really useful insights into what it means to be empathic – or to feel other people’s emotions and feelings as though they are your own.

It can be a little bit scary for those who haven’t had time to feel out and understand what is going on inside them. This book helps to tame that fear, making us empathics, more self-sustaining and balanced!

Ronni has this great way of being economical with words, to the point and, exploratory with the personal stories, ideas, tips and tools that she presents. She’s a healer, so she’s to the point, and expansive at the same time! That’s just the way I see her energy works…” — Monique Williams, Australia

“Ronni’s book is extremely easy to follow and you don’t have to read it front to back. Actually, the first time I picked it up, I skimmed it for topics that were interesting or pertinent to me at the time, and read it that way. Actually, it would be a useful guide to reach for any time you are going through a sensitive matter or mood, or need some guidance to understanding why you are feeling so emotional, sensitive, down or just plain wierd. Sometimes us sensitives easily forget just how much we get affected by other people’s energies not to mention environments!” — Natalia Kuna, Australia

“I recommend Ronni Ann Hall’s book for anyone learning to deal with their psychic sensitivities. Reading her book feels like listening to the advice and stories of a close friend…What I really love about Ronni’s book is that she writes from personal experience. She gives so many examples of everyday situations that presented lessons for learning how to integrate and refine her empathic abilities. She talks about experiencing panic attacks when taking in too much energy (which is something I can totally identify with.)” — Jen LoveJoy, USA


One Response to “Your Turtle Shell (book 2)”

  1. elfacinc October 29, 2015 at 3:26 pm #

    I’m looking forward to read this Sensitive Help Book
    Ronni…You ate a Pioneer..
    I read a lot of books amd Site’ s Articles for Empaths’ issues
    They are good
    But they loose something I feel, but not realize It is
    You, with Your ways to make classes and blog’s articles and funny deepy magic colourful art works, have found that particular lost meanimg.
    See You later


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